Interviews with Robyn and Jesse

I have a brief interview coming up on Creative Mojo. We’ll be talking about my book, Drawing Comics Lab.


I have to be honest, I’m pretty nervous about the interview! (I understand that Creative Mojo has a large audience.) I’m one of those people who doesn’t like to hear her voice recorded. I much prefer to edit my words on the written page. But, Mark Lipinski was gracious enough to invite me on his show, so how could I say no?


In other new, Jesse Relkaw had a lengthy interview on the Comics Reporter!

It made my day that Tom Spurgeon called Lovf a “significant book” and linked to the Paper Rocket store. Thanks, Tom!


Brooklyn Comics & Graphics: I’ll be there!


I’ll be at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival tomorrow. I’m excited to be sharing a table with Yam Books! Yam Books is another 1-person prestige comic press, like Uncivilized Books and Domino Books (and Paper Rocket too!) The proprietor Rina Ayuyang is a super rad cartoonist and book maker. She’s also a killer awesome lady who is kind enough to let me crash at her table last minute. Buy her stuff!

I just picked up a box of Drawing Comics Lab at the Maspeth UPS facility (always an adventure!) So hey, this will be your first chance to buy it!

Drawing Comics Lab is Here!

Oh, hey, did I mention that I wrote a book?

If you’re wondering why no new minicomics have come out of Paper Rocket in the past year, there’s a good reason. I got a book deal. Quarry Books, a great imprint that’s known for its crafting books, approached me out of the blue. They asked me to write and illustrate a how-to cartooning book for their Lab series. I only had about six months to do it, while still working my day job. It might have been an impossible feat if I didn’t have wonderful peers and friends to call on. You can see three of my favorites there on the cover:Vanessa Davis, Tom Hart, and Jame’s Sturm.

At the New York Comic Con I finally saw the book on the flesh (in the pulp?)  I have to say it’s a pretty thing. Quarry knows how to design a book!  Drawing Comics Lab will hit stores in early November.

For the next few months I’ll be using this blog to share more about the book. Stay tuned!