BCGF Recap

As ever, the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival was crowded, anxious, and good. I barely got away from my table, so I didn’t get to buy much stuff. There was a lot of good stuff. I’ll post more on that later.

The crowd spilled out to the sidewalk. People were just hanging out.

My view all day.

Rina Ayuyang, publisher and table mistress.

Tim Hensley, signing Ticket Stub (new from Yam Books!) Tim was one of the special guests of the show so many prestigious nerd boys came to pay homage. I hadn’t met him before. What a sweet guy!

The beautiful Lollygag, a collection of obsessive sketchbook pages from cartoonists you have probably heard of. This one is also from Yam Books.

Long Tail Kitty puppets (Lark Pien’s sister made them).

Relaxing afterwards with a friend of mine. I wore a pretty blue dress and people liked it.

Brooklyn Comics & Graphics: I’ll be there!


I’ll be at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival tomorrow. I’m excited to be sharing a table with Yam Books! Yam Books is another 1-person prestige comic press, like Uncivilized Books and Domino Books (and Paper Rocket too!) The proprietor Rina Ayuyang is a super rad cartoonist and book maker. She’s also a killer awesome lady who is kind enough to let me crash at her table last minute. Buy her stuff!

I just picked up a box of Drawing Comics Lab at the Maspeth UPS facility (always an adventure!) So hey, this will be your first chance to buy it!