Locust Moon and Brooklyn Book Fest

This Saturday I’m taking a day trip to Philadelphia for the Locust Moon Comics Festival. I’m not sure what to expect. I’ve never been to this show and I don’t know the city at all. The one day I spent in Philly I never left Pat Aulisio’s garage (for the comics kegger this summer). But I’m curious about the city and up for an experience. Plus, I quite like the Philly folks I’ve met and I’m interested in the work they’re making. So, here I go!


Last weekend I gave a workshop at The Brooklyn Book Festival. My buddy Ellen Lindner was my wing-lady (she took these lovely photos too). Thanks, Ellen!

We showed a group of kids (and a few parents) how to make a foldy comic. Much thanks to Jon Chad and Kenan Rubenstein, who first introduced me to the form. Kenan created the exercise in my book, visit his site to learn more.