Philly Comic BBQ Recap

I didn’t do so well at the Ridgewood Market. It was basically a flea market in a community center basement, and my stuff just didn’t fit in. Live and  learn!

I had a much better time at the Philly Comic BBQ. Not that I sold any books, but I had a good time. It was more of a kegger than a convention, anyway.

I rode down with Matt Moses (Hic and Hoc Publications), Bill Kartalopoulos (Rebus Books), Dave Nuss (Revival  House Press) and Laura Knetzger (a talented young cartoonist who was just Published by Yeah Dude). It was great to get to know those guys (and gal) better. We bonded, and this is what I learned:

Matt used to be a professional record dealer, and I really like his taste in music.

Bill is a lot funnier than I realized, and he can do funny voices.

Dave used to live in Russia and he likes the Smashing Pumpkins.

Laura is from Seattle and she didn’t get much sleep the night before (she fell asleep a few times during the party).

I got to meet a lot of publishers and cartoonists at the BBQ, both good steps towards my goal of documenting the minicomic and micropress. For example, Frank Santoro backed up my theory that it was the early nineties (’92, ’93?) when the word “mini-comic” meant any self published comic, not just the new-wave quarter size ones. I need to remember to talk with him again if I ever get serious about writing a history.

So, here are the photos. These are just a few of the ones that will make it into my next big project: The  Micropress Yearbook.

Pat Aulisio (he threw the shindig)

Josh Bayer and Dave Nuss

Terry LaBan

Frank Santoro and a lady

The party is heating up!

Reading good stuff

Bill Kartalopoulos and Frank Santoro

The bathroom at Cha-Cha’Razzi, the studio space/performance venue that hosted the party

Box Brown

Matt Moses