LOVF Kickstarter

What’s next for Paper Rocket Minicomics, you might be asking yourself. A lot! Today’s big news is that I’ve announced my next publishing project: LOVF New York: Destination Crisis.


But what is LOVF? It’s the intricate, vivid, inky, and manic sketchbook of Jesse Reklaw. LOVF New York: Destination Crisis is a 32-page excerpt of this sketchbook, drawn during an intense few weeks Jesse spent in New York. Visit our Kickstarter and listen to Jesse describe it, in his own words.

LOVF New York: Destination Crisis will be published in full-color, with a three-color screen printed cover. Just $10 will get you a copy–that’s basically the price of the book plus shipping. Consider this a pre-order drive, not a fund-raising drive!

Please spread the word! One of the reasons I’m using Kickstarter is to help cover the cost of paying Jesse. With both Deep Girl and LOVF, I am paying my authors. It’s a modest sum to be sure, but it does take a bite. With that added cost, making a profit on these projects is a challenge. And that is one of my goals: to make Paper Rocket sustainable so I can fund further projects.