Paper Rocket Needs Your Help

I’m working on a new project, something big. I want to list, profile, and eventually write a book about all the active micro-presses in the US. I could use your help!


First, let me define the micro-press. My definition may not jive with your definition, but it’s the best I’ve got.

A micro-press is a small (usually one-person) publishing house that puts out a diverse line of comics by different authors. They often publish in pamphlet form. They generally self-distribute or use small, independent distributors.

So, for this project, I’m not interested in:

  • Self-publishers who only publish themselves
  • Publishers who only publish anthologies
  • Collectives and distros who do not micro-publish as described above (actually, I’m very interested in those but that’s another list)
  • Publishers who have never published a comic (or an illustrated book that is very similar to a comic)
  • Publishers who are not currently active

Here’s where you come in: look at the list below, and if you know of a micro-press that’s not present, email me!

And a note to the biggest of the small publisher on the list (Koyama, Adhouse, Uncivilized, etc)…please don’t be insulted that you’re on this list. You’re probably too big for this list, and it’s a little dismissive to call what you do micro-publishing. Some of you have professional distribution and can get your books (if not your pamphlets) into most bookstores in America. I’m not sure you belong on this list…but then again, I’m pretty sure you fit my definition above.

Much thanks to Chuck Forsman’s Muster-List, where I got much of this information.

My Micro-press List (a work in progress)

2D Cloud

Adhouse Books

Alternative Comics

Bergen Street Comics

Birdcage Bottom Books

Czap Books

Desert Island

Dog City Press

Domino Books

Drippy Bone Books

Floating World Comics

Gaze Books

Good Pals

Grimalkin Press

Hic and Hoc

Hidden Fortress Press

Issue Press


Koyama Press

La Mano

Northwest Press

Milk Money Books

One Percent Press

Oily Comics

Paper Rocket Minicomics

Pigeon Press

Pegacorn Press

Ray Ray Books

Rebus Books

Retrofit Comics

Revival House Press

Sacred Prism

Secret Headquarters


Sparkplug Comic Books

Secret Acres

Snake Bomb

Space Face

Spithouse Publications

Study Group Comic Books

Tinto Press

Tugboat Press

Uncivilized Books

Yam Books

Yeah Dude

Youth in Decline