This Weekend: Ridgewood Market and Philly Comic BBQ

It’s gonna be a busy weekend! Tomorrow, fellow cartoonist/crafter Julia Wertz and I are going to sell crafts at the Ridgewood Market. Come out and see us!



Ridgewood is my neighborhood–it’s just north of Bushwick, in Queens (but just barely). I’ve been meaning to check out the market since it first opened, but I haven’t had a chance till now. I’m not sure how my wares will do there–this will be the first time I’ve sold them at a non-comics venue. Here goes nothing!


On Sunday I’m taking my first ever trip to Philadelphia! I’m going to the Philly Comic BBQ, which is, I guess, a mini comics convention in Pat Aulisio’s studio. I’m not really sure it’s a public event. But if you’re in the know, you’ll find your way there. I’ll be covering it for My next big project, The Micropress Yearbook! You’ll get the full report.