New Work, New Distro

Starting in June, I took on another part-time job. I already have a part-time gig at Desert Island (the best comic book store in the world). I now spend a few days a week in a legal office (one that specified I not name it publicly). I look a junk bond contracts all day. It pays the bills.

It’s been a long time since I’ve worked full time! It’s exhausting. But I’ve found a little space to work on my own comics. Ive been spending my weekends drawing and listening to Helter Skelter on audiobook. I hope to have something new by SPX.

(If you’re wondering where the backgrounds are, I’m drawing them¬†separately. Weird?)

In other news, I’m currently being distributed by Birdcage Bottom Books. JT Yost runs the micropress and indy distro. You can order my books, and many others, on his website. What self published comics really lack right now is proper distribution. This is a good start! And the cut JT gives his clients is more generous than any I’ve seen before.


Oh, and I’m busy writing an essay. It’s A SECRET right now, but here’s a good hint about it’s topic: