Free Shipping on New Titles!

I did some number crunching this morning. I’m trying to find out how I can make distribution affordable, which means knowing the true cost of production (down to each staple). To make any profit on Lovf via wholesale distribution, I’m going to have to raise the cover price by a dollar. There’s no way around it: the store takes a cut (usually 50%) the distributor takes a cut (in my case, 10%) and then I have to cover shipping!

This doesn’t really affect how I price things in my web shop. But I don’t like the idea of my books costing different prices in different places.

So here’s a solution I’ve decided on. I’ll raise the price of Lovf to $9. BUT, shipping is free when you order from my store.  And I’m extending free shipping to all my new books (The Complete Deep Girl too!) Head over to the shop to enjoy the discount!

lovf_cover  DGCovF

And, retailers, please contact Tony Shenton to order Lovf or Deep Girl.