ChARTer Tech Workshop

I took a day trip to Atlantic City to offer a workshop at ChARTer Tech High School for the Performing Arts. What a great school! I was invited by their animation teacher, Kyle Warren, who is a regular CCS workshop attendee and fellow cartoonist. Check out his amazing animation classroom! These are some lucky students. And smart, funny, and talented.

Students work on a pacing exercise after learning about page composition and thumbnails.

This attentive student did a spot-on portrait of me.

The casinos were pretty sad on a weekday afternoon. But I liked bumming on the beach.

Just for kicks, I spent $25 on the slot machines (my bus ticket gave me a free voucher). I won about $1.50, and it was the most boring 15 minutes of my life. Was I doing something wrong? Because I don’t understand why people do this on purpose.

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