Easter Sunday KGB Comix Reading!

It’s that time again! I’ll be hosting the annual Easter Sunday KGB Comix Night. And we’ve got an all-star line-up! Count them, SIX readers! Don’t be late! Note that the event starts at 7:30, not the usual 7.

AND, at Comix Night we’ll also celebrate the debut of LOVF New York: Destination Crisis.


Easter Sunday KGB Comix Night
KGB Bar (85 East 4th Street in NYC)
Sunday March 31, 7:30-9:30

Join us for our annual Easter Sunday Comix Night, a free night of live comics readings. Donating five bucks or a graphic novel (new or used) will get you entered in an awesome raffle! Book donations benefit SAW, financial donations will be split between the host and the readers.

Sam Henderson has been self-publishing Xeroxed minicomics since 1980. In 1993 he began self-publishing his best-known title, The Magic Whistle. Also in 1993 he began the wordless comic strip “Scene but Not Heard” in Nickelodeon Magazine. It was the magazine’s longest-running comic strip. In 2003, Sam’s writing and storyboard directing work on SpongeBob SquarePants earned him a nomination for Best Animated Program (for programming less than one hour) in the 55th Emmy Awards.

Star Fruit is Gretta Johnson’s first book. She is a visual artist living in New York and for the past three years has worked as a chocolatier’s assistant and personal comic book illustrator to Sebastian Brecht. She has taught and continues to teach drawing and sculpture classes at the Children’s Museum of the Arts in Manhattan.

Caroline Paquita runs Pegacorn Press, a feminist, queer, and “total-art-freaker” publishing house that specializes in producing small-run art books, zines, and comics. So far, nine official publications have been released since the fall of 2011, including Caroline’s comic Womanimalistic. Caroline has also published comics by other authors, such as FUTURE TENSE, Late Era Clash #24, FAG SCHOOL #4, Burn Collector #16, and Those Fucking Unicorns.

Jesse Reklaw is the author of the comic strip “Slow Wave,” which ran in multiple papers from 1995 to 2011 and was collected into the books Dreamtoons and The Night of Your Life. He is also the author of Applicant, a hilarious collection of discarded college applicant documents. He kept a daily comic diary from 2007-2008 called Ten Thousand Things To Do. In 2013 LOVF, a full-color collection of his sketchbook comics, will be published. He lives in Portland, Oregon where he taught at the Independent Publishing Resource Center in their Comics Program. He is currently working on his graphic novel, Couch Tag.

Karl Stevens’ first book, Guilty, was published in 2004 with a grant from the Xeric Foundation. His comic strips “Whatever,” “Succe$$” (with writer Gustavo Turner), and Failure ran in the Boston Phoenix. As an illustrator, Karl collaborated with Anthony Apesos on the book Anatomy for Artists: A New Approach Discovering, Learning, and Remembering the Body. His oil paintings and watercolors, predominantly portraits, have been exhibited at the Carroll and Sons Gallery Gallery in Boston.

Lauren Weinstein is a cartoonist who is still recovering from having a baby and moving to the suburbs of New Jersey (it’s been two years). Her comics books include Girl Stories and The Goddess of War, and her work has been published in Kramer’s Ergot, The Ganzfeld, An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, and The Best American Comics of 2007 and 2010. Her work has also appeared in the New York Times, Glamour, and Heeb magazines. She is currently working on a sequel to Girl Stories.