KGB Recap

Another KGB Comix Night has come and gone. It was a real success, I’d say. As usual, the house was full and folks sat on the floor. The crowd was friendly and forgiving of the fact that our projector is old and our screen is a white shower curtain. The show is a little punk rock, but hey it’s also free.

There was a lot of range in the readings this year. Julia Wertz started with her latest auto bio comics. Her humorous asides really added to the reading. Next it was Alabaster, who shared a sweet and sad tale. And man, the art was so beautiful I wanted one of the panels tattooed on my flesh (well, maybe not because I’m chickenshit about tattoos and generally not a fan of them). Nathan Bulmer followed with some strips that really had the house laughing. Gabrielle Bell’s strips were hilarious too, with that own distinctive voice which we love so well. Jeffrey Lewis ended the night by talking about the complex comic/album art he created for his cd A Turn in the Dream Songs (LOVE this album). A lot more thought and puns when into the art than I ever realized.

We raffled off some prizes and collected two boxes of book donations for CCS and SAW.

I had a good time, and I’m grateful that the comics community let its shyest, most anxious public speaker host this thing again. I’ll be doing it again on Easter Sunday.

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