The best of times, the worst of times

Fall has come and gone since my last post. A lot has happened since then, some of if good, some of it the absolute worst.

The comics community has lost two sweet souls this fall. you can read my thoughts about it here and here.

I’m still grieving for Rosalie. It’s so hard to watch my dear friends navigate this nightmare. But they are two special people, with an uncanny amount of love and strength and will. I know they can survive. SAW will happen, and I’m gonna be watching when it does.

But there is good news too. I now can utter those five magic words every cartoonist yearns for: I have a book deal. I am currently working on an instructional cartooning for Quarry Books. It will be part of their Lab series, which is a series of beautiful, full-color art instruction books.


This is a collaborative project and I’m inviting some of my favorite teaching cartoonists to participate.

The deadline is very soon, so every waking hour not spent at my day job is now dedicated to this book. Which means Paper Pocket will be on hold till spring.

I will be posting updates about this project on this blog. Stay tuned!

Next time, on the Paper Rocket blog:

We’ll visit Bridge Club, the art studio I share with Karen Sneider and Joan Reilly.