This Isn’t Working on Exhibtion

In my manifesto, I state “While monicomics may find their way to a gallery wall, this is not their first home.”

There’s nothing wrong with exhibiting minicomics.  I was very pleased to see some Paper Rad minis in the Cartoon Polymaths show this spring.

What we need to understand is that when minicomics are in galleries, they’re usually there by some fluke–a fluke that will probably soon be corrected.  So we should lap up the attention while we can.

So I’m lapping up some attention.  This Isn’t Working is in a juried gallery show at Chicago’s Woman Made.

The show is called Seriously Funny, and it opens today.

Seriously Funny includes a wide range of comics, from commercial 1-panel gags

to (what looks to be) outsider art.

This Isn’t Working is the first comic I’ve published with an all-women cast, and it kind of happened by accident.  I didn’t set out to create a women only project.  But I did want to collect stories about a shared theme: women and their ex-boyfriends.  I’m thinking of doing two more volumes, This Isn’t Working: Comics About Ex-Girlfriends and maybe This Isn’t Working: The Queer Issue.  What do you think?