Post-Thanksgiving Comix Night at KGB

It’s that time of year again!


Comix Night at KGB
Sunday, December 1, 7:00pm
85 East 4th Street, New York, New York

Join us for the annual Post Thanksgiving Comix and Graphic Novelist Night! With special guest readers Robyn Chapman, Aaron Cockle, Emily Flake, Jesse Reklaw, and Nick Sumida.

Our annual comic reading event is more than just a night of free entertainment—we also have a fun raffle with awesome prizes! A $5 donation will get you a raffle ticket. Raffle proceeds are split between the readers.

Robyn Chapman is a micro-publisher and the proprietor of a Paper Rocket Comics. She recently wrote an educational cartooning book called Drawing Comics Lab. She is currently working on micro graphic novella called Twin Bed.

Aaron Cockle is a cartoonist living in Brooklyn. He self-publishes a mini-comic, Annotated, and has an ongoing comic, Word & Voice, published by Oily Comics.

Emily Flake is an award-winning illustrator, writer, and cartoonist. Her work appears in Time, The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, Forbes, The Nation, and many, many others.

Jesse Reklaw is the author of the comic strip “Slow Wave,” which ran in multiple papers from 1995 to 2011 and was collected into the books Dreamtoons and The Night of Your Life. His graphic memoir, Couch Tag, was recently published by Fantagraphics.

Nick Sumida is a cartoonist hailing from Oahu, Hawaii. His debut comics collection, Snackies, will be released by Youth in Decline in Spring, 2014.

CAB Recap


For me, CAB was a prefect show. The line-up was 100% quality, not a stinker in the house. And people were actually spending money! Add to the equation that it’s a local show (no travel, no lodging, no hassle). The room was filled with friendly people and good vibes. It was an intense day and I had a blast. I barely left the table, but that’s ok.




My table.


My crew.


My haul.

CCS Deep Girl Exhibition Recap

Before I launch into my CCS recap, I want to announce (loudly, boisterously) that Paper Rocket will be at Comic Arts Brooklyn this Saturday. CAB is Brooklyn’s newest, most anticipated comics festival. The show is managed by my boss, Gabe Fowler of Desert Island. I’m super excited!


I had a sweet, but way too short (less than 24 hour!) visit to The Center for Cartoon Studies last weekend. I was there to give a talk at the opening of Ariel Bordeaux’s new exhibition. It was great to see Ariel again, and we also got some quality time with James Sturm.


The show is great, and there’s a room full of Ariel’s Deep Girl pages.


I talked briefly about Ariel’s Deep Girl years, and then I went into depth about the production details of The Complete Deep Girl. I also talked briefly about micropresses, a concept that the students are familiar with–they have one in town (Good Pals) and CCS grad Chuck Forsman runs one of the best micropresses around (Oily comics).

Ariel followed my talk with a reading from her book. We had a smart and friendly audience. Lecturing for CCS students is always a treat.


Ariel and I, looking fancy. Here’s hoping I can make it back to CCS soon.


Robyn and Ariel at the Center for Cartoon Studies

This Friday Ariel and I will be at CCS to celebrate an exhibition of her artwork, which will include many pieces from her Deep Girl days. The exhibition is part of White River Junction’s First Friday gallery walk, and it’s free and open to the public. Ariel and I will be talking from 6-7pm. The Complete Deep Girl will be available for sale, and Ariel will be on hand to sign books.


Locust Moon, and NYCC this Weekend

I’m keeping pretty busy these days! This weekend I’ll make a brief appearance at the New York Comic Con. I’ll be signing copies of my book Drawing Comics Labs at the Quayside Publishing booth (# 2006) from 11:30-12:30 on Saturday. Stop by and say hi!



Locust Moon offered it’s second annual comics festival on Saturday. I hadn’t heard much about this show, but a half table was pretty cheap ($50) and it’s a short trip from New York (a 2-hour bus ride, about $30 round trip). So I took the gamble, not expecting to make much money (which is how it turned out).

I was curious about the city, which I never properly visited. It turns out Philly has beauty and character in spades. Next time I’ll stay longer. I guess the trick is to think of these conventions not as money-making endeavors, but as vacations with a lot of busy work during the day. That busy work isn’t necessarily profitable, but it does leave you with a pile of cash at the end of the day, and that’s pretty convenient.


The festival was held in the Rotunda, a beautiful (if somewhat haunting and decrepit) old church. I loved it! Unfortunately, it wasn’t air conditioned and the weather was downright balmy (in October, no less!) I saw a lot of sweaty customers and cartoonists. But everyone was friendly. Maybe Philadelphians are nice than New Yorkers.

The amazing Sam Johns was my table helper. I never had a table helper before. Does this mean I’ve made it? I paid her in comics and SEPTA tokens. I may not be doing this right. Thanks, Sam!

That’s me. On my left is my table neighbor, Vishavjit Singh and his wife of Sihktoons.

My view of the ceiling.

The scaffolding was a bit of an eyesore.

Oh, hey, that’s Jim Steranko.

Nice pipes.

My obligatory photo of Box Brown.

Farel Dalrymple. I think he’s Philadelphia’s native son. They sure do love him here!

Will Lauren.

Michael Kupperman.

Pat Aulisio.

Locust Moon Comics, the shop that put on the show. Pretty sharp!

My haul.

Locust Moon and Brooklyn Book Fest

This Saturday I’m taking a day trip to Philadelphia for the Locust Moon Comics Festival. I’m not sure what to expect. I’ve never been to this show and I don’t know the city at all. The one day I spent in Philly I never left Pat Aulisio’s garage (for the comics kegger this summer). But I’m curious about the city and up for an experience. Plus, I quite like the Philly folks I’ve met and I’m interested in the work they’re making. So, here I go!


Last weekend I gave a workshop at The Brooklyn Book Festival. My buddy Ellen Lindner was my wing-lady (she took these lovely photos too). Thanks, Ellen!

We showed a group of kids (and a few parents) how to make a foldy comic. Much thanks to Jon Chad and Kenan Rubenstein, who first introduced me to the form. Kenan created the exercise in my book, visit his site to learn more.





Instant Comic Book Workshop at the Brooklyn Book Fest

This Sunday I’ll be teaching a workshop at the Brooklyn Book Festival. The workshop is based on some exercises from my book, Drawing Comics Lab. Came check it out! My friend Ellen Lindner will be helping me out.


Borough Hall Conference Room – 1st Floor
3:00 P.M. Instant Comic Book: Robyn Chapman
, the author of Drawing Comics Lab, demonstrates three ways to make a book out of a single sheet of paper! A few simple folds and a cut or two will result in an instant comic book. Each participant will create a comic using the “foldy” method. All materials will be provided. Age 12 and up.

SPX 2013 Report


I feel good about SPX. This time last year, I was having a bummer time at SPX. But in 2013, Paper Rocket has three new books out. I’m feeling good. This might have been the most productive year of my life.

Sales weren’t great though. My con sales haven’t been for the last two or three years. This experience may be limited to me, but I doubt it. There are a lot of new publishers out there, but I’m not sure our audience has grown with us. With all this competition, it’s no longer easy to sell 30-40 books at a con, even when debuting a new title.

Unfortunately, the price of exhibiting has only gone up. None of this exceedingly troubling, as this game has never been lucrative. But it’s something to think about (I’d welcome any insight on the subject).

Regardless, I had a great time and was happy to see my cartooning cousins. And, I got to spend some time with Paper Rocket’s newest author, Gretta Johnson. Even though I just published Gretta’s first comic book, Star Fruit, I had only met her once, briefly. For all I knew, she’s a psychopath who can draw very well. I’m happy to report she is an awesome lady, totally not a psychopath. I had a lot of fun hanging out with her.

I’m back in New York, and I’ll be sending out the Kickstarter rewards this week. Star Fruit will be taking the world by storm.

The Paper Rocket/Desert Island table (I sold some books for Gabe at the show). The Kate Beaton book sold out pdq.


I helped Alec Longstreth and Josh Bayer with the CCS/SAW workshop.

Gretta, Jesse, and Hazel.

My haul. There was so much good stuff I missed!

SPX This Weekend!

This weekend I’ll be making my annual trek to Bethesda for the Small Press Expo. I’ll be sharing my table with my new roommates (!) Jesse Reklaw and Hazel Newlevant. Paper  Rocket’s newest author, Gretta Johnson, will also be joining us. Her book, Star Fruit, is debuting at the show. Kickstarter backers can pick up their copy right at the table! Speaking of Kickstarter, it’s not to late to back our Kickstarter campaign!

Look for Paper Rocket at table A12! I’ll also be selling a select number of Desert Island publications.


Star Fruit just arrived from the printer, and I think it looks lovely. So does Lulu! Copies will be available for order on the website after this weekend.


Star Fruit Book Release and Kickstarter

I’m happy to announce Paper Rocket’s next book: Star Fruit by Gretta Johnson! I just launched a Kickstarter, and I’ll debut the book at SPX.


Star Fruit is Gretta Johnson’s first comic book. She beautifully rendered her comic using watercolor, ink, and dip pen. It’s a surreal and sexy story about a nude woman (and her cat) who encounters a witch and a magical fruit.

Gretta originally printed  just 50 copies of Star Fruit. Keeping it in print was proving a challenge for her, so I offered to re-publish it. It will be released as an oversized (8.5″x11″) full-color comic.

You can back this project for JUST $15,  and you’ll receive a copy of Star Fruit delivered to you. I’m not asking for a hand-out–$15 is just slightly more than the retail cost plus shipping. I use Kickstarter as a distribution method, and I’ve always set modest goals. I’m raising just $400, but it won’t be a walk in the park. Gretta Johnson is a new name in comics, so need your help getting the word out. Please back this project, but more importantly, please spread the word!