Robyn Chapman is an editor, a publisher, a minicomics archivist, and (sometimes) a cartoonist. She is  the proprietor of Paper Rocket Minicomics and she has had many different jobs in comics. She spent five years at The Center for Cartoon Studies, initially as their first fellow and later as their program coordinator and a faculty member. During her time at CCS she earned her MFA, having previously earned her BFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design. For a time she worked at Brooklyn’s best comic shop, Desert Island. Previously she worked as an assistant editor at Graphic Universe, the graphic novel imprint of Lerner Publishing Group. Currently she is an editor at First Second.

She was the editor/publisher of the Tiny Report (a zine about comic micro-presses) and the author of Drawing Comics Lab (Quarry Books). In the spring of 2016 she debuted Twin Bed, her first solo comic in a long, long time. In 2021 she edited and co-published (with Silver Sprocket) the nonfiction comics anthology American Cult.

Paper Rocket is a minicomics publishing house. Robyn Chapman is its publisher, editor, and designer.
Robyn is also an amateur archivist with a collection of over two thousand minicomics. See her collection.

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